Buildings contribute to over 40% of the total energy use, and nearly 40% of this energy use is towards HVAC. With the world moving towards sustainable, energy effecient alternatives, it is imperative for the HVAC industry to constantly innovate.

KNND has enhanced its ability to offer tailored, innovative solutions including heat recovery, inverter technology, district cooling, thermal storage, water source heat pump systems, air terminals for IAQ and many other technologies with a clear & concise focus on Energy use reduction.


KNND Associates was founded in the year 1996, by 5 bright minds, with a vision to offer high quality engineering based HVAC contracting solutions.

The company later restructured as a Private Limited Company in the year 2000.


For over 2 decades, we’ve led the way in HVAC quality & innovation. With heating & cooling systems destined to become smarter, we remain on the cutting edge of technology, applying the newest innovations to create more sustainable solutions.


Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the company culture at KNND. As a responsible corporation, we actively seek opportunities to fulfil our responsibilities through diverse social contributions.